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this icon makes me sad...

because justine has retired now :'(
so. officially there is no women's tennis in my books. lol i guess i can focus on nadal and djokovic!
wow, this school year has been too crazy, what with Med Chem. honestly, WHO PUTS 8 PROFESSORS' WORTH OF MATERIAL ON A FINAL EXAM FOR A FULL-YEAR COURSE?? that's just brutal. the last time that happened was biochem, which was not a fun time. :\
well, just keep plugging away. summer's almost here. i won't be working. no way. i need to save up energy for 4th year which i've heard from previous students is a doozy. ouch.


All I have been doing this summer so far has been working. My feet hurt from 9 - 5 shifts standing, walking, with barely time to eat! Muscles I never knew existed, hurt when I lie down to go to sleep at night! omg. But the pharmacy staff all say you get used to it! I HOPE SO. I'm so dead tired from work there's no energy left for internet after I scrape together dinner. booo :(

I need a winter coat...stat.

My current two winter coats are as follows:

cold weather:
waist-length, (really really) puffy down jacket from nike, no hood, baby blue (a really immature colour... I'm 23)
I look like a friggin baby blueberry when I'm wearing it, and it makes me look HUGE and ROUND. Not good.

really cold weather:
black, knee-length, (really really) puffy down jacket from nike, WITH a hood (which is marvellous)...
But I look like a big walking rectangle. It's ridiculous.

I want a flattering, but WARM and AFFORDABLE winter coat! I don't want to look like a poofy winter dork anymore, lol.

P.S. Those Aritzia/TNA coats that all the (Asian) girls have are awesome, except for the fact that every girl and her mother seems to have one. :|

P.P.S. Isn't this coat amazing? The British stores always have the nicest things. This is from Dorothy Perkins, and both blue and black sold out very, very quickly, I heard.


GOOOOO ANA!!!!!! That last game in the semifinal was clutch.
Please don't lose your nerve in the final!


Sharapova is OUT.
Dinara Safina, my hat's off to you!

Just because I am not in the US....?!!!

I live in Canada. You know one thing that's frustrating about living in Canada? We can't access videos on hulu.com. I didn't know that until just now. Let's backtrack a bit.

I just watched the 1944 movie Laura (Great film noir - watch it!). I became interested in its main actors and wanted to see what else they'd appeared in. Good ol' imdb comes to the rescue. I want to see more of Dana Andrews's movies. Why? Cause I'm a girl, and he's like, the embodiment of the quintessential 40s man, duh. :D

Ok, so he's not necessarily a popular, or terribly celebrated star (alcoholism in the 50s can do that to a career...) (so can being considered to have been in the right place at the right time i.e. he may have gotten some lead actor roles because the BIG stars were away at war, perhaps), but there were several movies that I felt I should try to watch. One of them is Boomerang!, directed by Elia Kazan (dun dun dun). I read that Dana did a pretty darn good job in this movie, and therefore I decided that I NEED TO WATCH. I learned that despite the DVDs being pulled off the market shortly after being released (something about contracts or copyrights or something..), it was on this website called "hulu.com" for free.

FOR FREE! Dana Andrews in Boomerang! FREE!!! UNIVERSE, YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN.
www.hulu.com/boomerang is the url, in case any of you is American and wants to watch it and then tell me all about it, making me even more jealous. Cause YES, Boomerang! is on the internet for free, but NO, I can't watch it, cause I am Canadian, and hulu.com doesn't like us non-Americans much.
Can you imagine my frustration and disappointment? It is completely palpable.

Watch The Best Years of our Lives, too!
Dana Andrews is completely underrated. That is all.

"This is the end of a child's dream..."

And it's the end of an era in women's tennis, as I see it.

Dear JustineCollapse )


It's taken 4 years, but I think, finally, I have stopped being overly and unnecessarily worried about written exams.
Now I just need to work on how to stop peeing in my pants before oral assessments. (Just kidding. I don't pee in my pants. I just really really suck at oral exams.)